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Featured Projects


Capitol Federal Amphitheater Finished Buckley Roofing

Capitol Federal Amphitheater


Buckley Roofing worked with the architect and general contractor before starting construction of the Capitol Federal Amphitheater. The architect wanted a roof resembling metal without the hassle of a real metal roof, for fear of water leaks. Buckley Roofing presented the Décor Roofing System, as this was the most cost-effective system with the look and functionality the project team wanted.

This Décor Roofing System uses Sika’s Sarnafil roof membrane with the Décor profile rib that mimics the look of a metal roof, while keeping it watertight. The ribs can be spaced any distance apart to give the look desired by the architect, with any configuration or color, allowing a truly customizable roof. The continuous thermoplastic roof membrane and the hot-air welded seams provide a long-lasting waterproofing solution regardless of the shape or design of the building, which was critical to the design of the Amphitheater’s roof.

  • Location Andover, KS
  • Material Sarnafil Decor Roof System
  • Business Public Arena

Carnegie Library Building Fidelity Bank


The building was built in 1915 and careful procedures were necessary to remove existing flashings without damaging the structure. This building reflects the choice of tan TPO. Buckley Roofing installed metal flashings that blend into the building while still protecting the structure and allowing for ease of maintenance for the next 100 years.

  • Location Wichita, KS
  • Material Carlisle 60 Mil Tan TPO Fully Adhered
  • Business Bank
  • Area 5186 sq ft

The Dermatology Clinic


The Dermatology Clinic acquired the building next to their current location in order to expand. They remodeled the entire building and built a corridor to join the two buildings together. The existing roof was a fully adhered EPDM installed directly to ridged ISO insulation, and was leaking in multiple locations. During the remodel process the Buckley team worked with the general contractor to keep the building water-tight.

  • Location Wichita, KS
  • Material Carlisle 60 Mil APEEL TPO Mechanically Fastened
  • Business Dermatology Clinic
  • Area 6,825 sq ft

SurgiCare of Wichita


Buckley Roofing was able to provide SurgiCare of Wichita with a turnkey project. This roofing project required a TPO membrane system on the main roof, curved metal panels on the standing seam roofs, and metal panels on the screen walls.

  • Location Wichita, KS
  • Material Carlisle 45 TPO Fully Adhered
  • Business Outpatient Surgery Center
  • Area 26,300 sq ft