Capitol Federal Amphitheater

Capitol Federal Amphitheater Finished Buckley Roofing
Andover, KS

Buckley Roofing worked with the architect and general contractor before starting construction of the Capitol Federal Amphitheater. The architect wanted a roof resembling metal without the hassle of a real metal roof, for fear of water leaks. Buckley Roofing presented the Décor Roofing System, as this was the most cost-effective system with the look and functionality the project team wanted.

This Décor Roofing System uses Sika’s Sarnafil roof membrane with the Décor profile rib that mimics the look of a metal roof, while keeping it watertight. The ribs can be spaced any distance apart to give the look desired by the architect, with any configuration or color, allowing a truly customizable roof. The continuous thermoplastic roof membrane and the hot-air welded seams provide a long-lasting waterproofing solution regardless of the shape or design of the building, which was critical to the design of the Amphitheater’s roof.


  • Sarnafil Decor Roof System

Project Team

Owner: City of Andover
Contractor: Key Construction
Architect: LK Architecture