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Buckley Roofing is a commercial and industrial roofing company specializing in installations and re-roofs office buildings, education facilities, banks, municipal buildings, and warehouses. Buckley Roofing specializes in single-ply membrane roofing systems serving the Wichita, Kansas and surrounding areas including northern Oklahoma.

Roof systems come in many forms, each built to the building’s needs and the owner’s budget. High quality components add value to roof performance, longevity, aesthetics, and other areas building owners should consider. We will help you determine the best commercial roofing system for your business and budget, allowing you to enjoy years of protection.

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  • 1Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso) vs. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
    Polyiso provides a higher R-value per inch than any commercially available insulation product. Better insulation products will reduce the cost to heat and cool a building.
  • 2Coverboard vs. No Coverboard
    A coverboard like DensDeck, SecureRock, or Ecostorm over insulation provides a hard surface that results in better roof performance against hail and an excellent thermal barrier for exceptional fire, moisture, and wind uplift resistance properties.
  • 3Fleeceback Membrane vs. Standard Membrane
    Fleeceback membranes offer another level of toughness and durability over standard TPO and EPDM membranes. Industry leading resistance to hail damage and superior wind uplift resistance are reasons why owners should consider upgrading the membrane to Fleeceback. Also, Fleeceback warranties can include coverage for up to 36 hours of work annually to repair accidental punctures.
  • 4Metal Edge or Coping vs. Term Bar
    Sheet metal termination on the edge of the roof is a vital component for wind uplift resistance and aesthetics of the building. Metal edge or coping cap performs better in high wind conditions than term bar…and makes the building look nicer as well.
  • 5Single Ply Retrofit vs. Standing Seam Metal Roof
    When reroofing a building, the building doesn’t have to be opened up to the environment. Single ply retrofit doesn’t disrupt business operations, and it looks like the existing roof which can be welded to the single ply membrane.
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